About Me

Welcome to my portfolio website & project blog.

I‘m a 35 year old obsessive-compulsive technology hobbyist, tinkerer, organizer and  ‘have to know how everything works‘ kind of problem solver.

My curiosity is my strength, but I find myself buried in the details, off on so many different tangents at any given time, that it stifles my progress on personal projects.

As you can tell, this site is all about myself and my work, as I attempt to rationalize my thought process, and organize some of my projects in this world of information overload.

If you would like to get in touch, visit the contact page above or use any of the social networking icons below.


About This Site

This website is one of three virtual hosts, fully self hosted and managed by myself on a single, physical home server. It’s hosted on a Windows 10 Pro box using WAMP. Contrary to the popular belief of Linux diehards, the server runs lean with great up time!

This isn’t a headless unit. It’s also a multimedia management server for encoding, decoding, and transcoding video. The unit provides local SMB & DLNA file sharing. It’s a winning combination along with RDP, and the ubiquity of Windows apps. It’s a “jack of all trades, master of none” kind of tinkerers dream.

The server sits behind an ASUS RT-N66U “Dark Knight” router running embedded Linux. The router firmware is flashed with Tomato by Shibby to extend the capabilities of the device. This allows OpenSSH, OpenVPN, FTP, Nginx, and QOS abilities.

Entware-ng is mounted at bootup to provide a package manager with even more features. Currently I only use Entware-ng for Srelay socks 5 proxy & a Tor circuit.

I have used Lighttpd to run a web server using a microSD card. It was only done as a proof of concept. Nginx is also built into TomatoUSB, but in the end Apache seems to be much more consistent.

WAMP Server