A few hosting updates…

Server optimization continues

I’m continuing to tweak and modify the WAMP and WordPress server configurations, to optimize site performance using gtmetrix.com as my benchmark. I’m realizing this is more of a journey, rather than a destination. 😀

WAMP tweaks include the following:

• httpd-vhosts.conf modified with mod_rewrite rules and wildcard ^(.*)$ to write any incoming requests to one of my 3 virtual hosts (hivegate.com, mathewcnichols.com, or amsplumbingandhvac.com.) A 301 redirect for mistyped URLs may help with traffic.

• httpd-vhosts.conf modified to include IPv6 queries. Sites are now running dual stack IPv4/IPv6. GoDaddy DNS AAAA records added.

GoDaddy SBS DNS Service configured as DDNS if Spectrum changes home IP address. Not sure if this service will update IPv6 AAAA record yet!

• .htaccess modified in each site root directory to enable caching with Apache mod_expires, and php opcache.

• .htaccess modified in each site root directory to enable compression with mod_deflate and mod_filter.

WordPress plugins:

• Implementing the Google Mail API with OAuth 2.0 using Post SMTP and Contact Form 7

• Integrating Google Analytics with GADWP

• Optimizing caching even more with WP Super Cache

• SEO with Yoast

Jetpack (of course)

Next on the agenda is attempting a full website backup and restore (directory and database.) I will feel much more comfortable making major design changes once I know I can manually revert to a past snapshot!

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